4. mei, 2016

Joris D. Kila: Heritage Destruction in the Mediterranean Region

For download the pdf of the whole chapter (in English): http://www.iemed.org/actualitat-es/noticies/patrimoni-cultural-mediterrani-en-perill


All over the news we see cultural property[1], often connected to the cradles of civilization, being damaged, smuggled and abused. Currently many devastations take place in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, more specifically the Mediterranean area e.g. Syria, Iraq, Libya and Egypt. Within the size limitations of this piece I will  indicate some problems, causes and possible solutions regarding safeguarding cultural property. These examples will hopefully stimulate discussions, research and a more pro-active approach towards short- and long-term solutions.

Strategic Sectors In Culture & Society
Heritage Destruction in  the Mediterranean Region

This article is being released online in advance of publication in the IEMed Mediterrenean Yearbook  2016 print issue. (www.iemed.org/medyear­book)


[1] The legal term widely used for cultural heritage