CPP Playing Cards EU-Dutch version

Cultural Property Protection Playing Cards as a training tool for military that are about to be deployed in foreign mission areas. The Cards were developed in cooperation and with support of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the State Inspectorate of Cultural Heritage and the Dutch UNESCO Committee. Special permission was granted by The Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands [1](CEMML) is are search and service unit within the College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University (CSU) and the US DoD Legacy fund who developed the original US playing cards.

[1] www.cemml.colostate.edu and http://cchag.org/

Example of the U.S. CPP Playing Cards (c) U.S. DoD

Training military planners on CPP in Saqqara, Egypt 2009

Soldiers CPP pocket card Dutch version made in cooperation with U.S. DoD.