International Military Cultural Resources Working Group - Burgemeester Patijnlaan 1134 - 2585 CG The Hague - Netherlands, email:

International Military Cultural Resources Working Group IMCuRWG

IMCuRWG comprises cultural heritage professionals working in the military context in order to:

* Enhance military capacity to implement cultural property protection (CPP) across the full range of operations

* Provide a forum for international co-operation and networking for those working within the military context

* Identify areas of common interest

* Share best practice and lessons learnt

* Raise awareness and publicize military commitment to CPP and cultural heritage both tangible and intangible

* Initiate and stimulate research on CPP and military involvement

* Assist in the creation of an international military cultural emergency team

Membership is by invitation and will be restricted normally to cultural heritage experts working within the military context. However, recognizing that the effectiveness of this group will be its ability to work in a liaison capacity the group may invite advisors, for example from NGOs and universities, and observers to participate as appropriate. Members and sub- committee participants are expected to contribute in a pro-active and inventive manner.

IMCuRWG is not intended to replace any existing organizations working in this field. Rather, it would be in a position to be pro-active in developing partnerships and networks between the military and existing non-military organizations and groups.

IMCuRWG will work within the context of the Hague Convention addressing archaeological sites, historic buildings, museums, libraries, galleries, cultural landscapes and archives and other relevant legal obligations.