Selected Invited Presentations, Missions and Conference Paper Presentations


- 8 September 2017 Art, Crime & Criminals: Protecting Cultural Heritage  Joris Kila (University of Vienna).Federal Ministry of Finance Wilhelmstr. 97 10117 Berlin Germany.

- 2 June 2017. International Society for Military Ethics in Europe. Annual Conference 2017
 Royal Military Academy, Brussels, Belgium. Dr. Joris Kila 
(The Netherlands) “Cultural property. Safe-guarding and 
preserving identity in war and peace as a moral and 
military necessity and as a resource for reconciliation.” 

-23 November 2016 Keynote speaker at “The cultural heritage in the face of modern threats
and challenges. Programmes and Action Plans.” International Conference in Krakow Poland.
Organized by t
he Polish Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage.

- 20 May 2016 Keynote speaker at Facing the Chaos heritage protection in

the XXI century. St Petersburg, Russian Federation, Institute of Oriental Manuscripts.

- 24 February 2016 Protection and Destruction of Cultural Heritage
in Contemporary Conflict,
a presentation by Joris D. Kila at Washington State University Pullman in the CUB Auditorium.

- 23 February 2016, Destroying Cultural Heritage: The failure to protect artifacts
from extreme groups, by Joris D. Kila
at The Foley Insitute Pullman. See the presentation at

- 9-12 June 2015 Panel member and speaker Civil-Mil Ops Cultural Property Protection (CPP)
U.S. AFRICOM Partnership Forum (APF) Stuttgart Germany.

- 13-14 May 2015 Panel member and speaker at the conference Cultural Property Under Threat: The Cultural, Economic and Security Impact
of Antiquities Theft in the Middle East. Cairo Egypt.

- 20 November 2014, presenter of the Reuvenslezing 2014, Koninklijke Schouwburg Den Haag.

- 25 October, presenter at  Public Meeting: The courage to protect humanity's cultural heritage. location: Dogen Palace Venice Italy.

- 09 October 2014 Special presentation for the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague.

- 30 August 2014, special guest, to the Tenth Islamic Manuscript Conference: Manuscripts and Conflict, at Magdalene College, University of Cambridge, UK from 31 August to 2 September 2014. 

- 28 June 2014, Presenter ARCA Interdisciplinary Artcrime conference, Amelia Italy. Topic: IMCuRWG Blue Shield cultural assessment mission to Timbuktu.

- 17 June 2014, Keynote presenter Commanders Lecture HQ USAFRICOM, Stuttgart Germany.

-  26-28 May 2014, participant at the UNESCO International Experts Meeting to Safegueard Syria's Cultural heritage. UNESCO Headquarters Paris, France. 

- 19 May 2014, Presentation at the conference: Culture under Threat: the Future of the 1954 Hague Convention. topic: the relevance of on site assessments in conflict areas following the developments regarding criminalization of cultural property offenses. The American University of Rome. 

- 7 February 2014, keynote presentation on CPP and the military at CIMIC centre of Excellence, Enschede Netherlands.

- 12 - 20 January 2014 Emergency assessment mission to Mali for IMCuRWG and ANCBS, places visited amongs others Bamako, Timbuktu, Djenne, Segoe, Mopti.

- 12 & 13 December 2013 presentation at the symposium: The implementation of the Second Protocol of 1999 to the Hague Convention of 1954 for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict. Organized by the Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of Cultural Property in the event of Armed conflict. Brussels, Belgium. 

- 3 December 2013 International Seminar on the implementation of 1954 Hague convention for the protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict and its two protocols for sub-Saharan African countries. Hosted by the National Defense Acdemy, Vienna , Austria. Military perspectives of Cultural Property Protection in Africa and the approach and implementation of U.S. Africa Command (U.S. AFRICOM) including its Cultural Property Protection Appendix. Speakers: CPT Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen NDA, LTC Dr. Joris Kila NLA/IMCuRWG and Col. Christopher Herndon U.S. AFRICOM.

- 5 November 2013, presentation at the Seminar Syria and Beyond: Cultural Property Devastations and Cultural Property Protection (CPP) in the Event of Armed Conflict, The Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) and the Cultural Heritage Group at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies (ToRS)  of the University of CopenhagenDenmark.

- 20 September 2013, presentation at the Seminar War and the Destruction of our Cultural Heritage, The Centre for International Law and Justice at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen in cooperation with DIIS. Copenhagen Denmark.

- 18 & 19 September 2013 Keynote presentations at the Nordic Conference on the Protection of Cultural Property (CPP) in Armed Conflict. Organized by the Danish Institute for International Studies DIIS, Copenhagen Denmark.

- 21 June 2013, The Villa Casdagli case: Keynote Presentation at the Art crime conference (ARCA) Amelia Italy.

-  14 April 2013, protection and Conservation of Cultural Heritage in the context of conflict. Presentation at the Dutch Symposium of the Ancient Near East (DUSANE) Leiden.

- 14 March 2013. Heritage under Siege Developments in Cultural Property Protection. Keynote speech for:  Kulturgüterschutzes ‘’Internationales Forum Payerbach 2013’’ Payerbach Austria.

-13 March 2013. The current heritage situation in Egypt.Presentation  Der Arbeitskreis Kulturgüterschutz der Offiziersgesellschaft Wien, Vienna Austria.

- January 2013.  Current developments and perspectives in CPP from Europe. Chair panel and presenter international cooperation for the protection of heritage in conflict. AIA conference Seattle US.

- 24-29 August 2012 Delegation leader UvA assessment team to Libya.

- 23 June 2012 Presentation at the Art crime conference (ARCA) Amelia Italy + AWARD ceremony for being awarded the Art protection and security award.

- 4 May 2012 Lecture at AFRICOM Headquarters in Stuttgart Germany: ''on Military Cultural Property Protection'' + the Libyan case.

- 19 March 2012 Presenter at (closed) conference on Protecting Cultural Property in War Zones held at All Souls College University of Oxford topic Cultural Heritage Protection and the Arab Spring.

- 15 March 2012 Presenter at Debate Erfgoedbehoud in Crisistijd, Spui 25, Amsterdam.

- 8-13 March 2012 leader assessment visit UvA delegation to Libya on invitation of the Libyan Dept. of Antiquities.

- 3 February 2012 Public Defense PhD Thesis Heritage under Siege. University of Amsterdam Aula 13.00h.

- January 7-10, 2012. Panel chairman and presenter Military Cultural Property Protection Workshop at the American Institute of Archaeology (AIA) Conference in Philadelphia US. 

-November 29 to December 2, 2011. Keynote presenter NATO-IMCURWG course on Cultural Property Protection in times of conflict, Vienna Austria. 

- 11 November to 17 November, 2011. Second emergency assessment mission to Libya, Benghazi, Cyrene. IMCURWG and ANCBS. 

-21 October 2011, Presenter UNESCO High Expert meeting on Libya, presentation for all delegations and experts on the findings of the UvA/IMCurWG/Blue Shield emergency mission to Libya. Nomination to become member of the UNESCO high experts committee for Libya.   

- 26-30 September 2011, Emergency assessment mission to Libya. Sites visited and checked Tripoli Museum, Sabratha, Leptis Magna, Misurata. For report see               

- 11 April 2011, Onderzoeksgroep Dynamiek van de Herinnering aan de University of Amsterdam. Locatie: Turfdraagster pad 9, zaal 013, UvA Spreker: Joris Kila. Project: The Military and Cultural Property Protection.  

- 4 March 2011, public Lecture at Leiden University Friday March 4th. by Joris Kila. Egyptian Antiquities, looting, International Law and Diplomacy report on the first assessment Mission to Egypt of February 2011.  Plexus, Kaiser Straat 25, Leiden. 

- Emergency Assessment mission to Egypt 12 - 16 February 2011, assessments at Saqqara, Dashur, Abusir, Cairo. Team members IMCURWG Chair Joris Kila, ANCBS President Karl von Habsburg. See for the report   

- January 10-13th 2011, Panel member and presenter Military Cultural Property Protection Workshop at the American Institute of Archaeology (AIA) Conference in San Antonio US.

- 13-15 December 2010, Lecturer course The Protection of Cultural Property in Armed Conflict. International Institute of Humanitarian Law, San Remo Italy . 

-7- 12 December 2010, Chair and Presenter panel on military cooperation regarding Cultural property Protection. 7th International Conference on Science and Technology in Archaeology Petra Jordan . 

- Keynote speaker, military course Protection of Cultural Property in cooperation with UNESCO. Military Academy Vienna, September 2010. 

- Presentation & Paper Vienna Conference Archaeology in Conflict Vienna, Austria, April 2010. 

- Presentation at Cultural Diplomacy Panel: Cultural Diplomacy and the Politics of Identity: The Power of Culture and Civil Society. In cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) Assilah Arts Festival, Morocco 2010. 

- Lecture: University of Leiden Faculty Archaeology and Heritage studies Honors Class 2010.  

- Lecture: Protection of Cultural Heritage in times of Conflict Hague Center for strategic Studies (HCSS) The Hague 2009. 

-Lecture : University of Leiden faculty of Archaeology 2009.  

- Lecture: The American University in Cairo, Sociology - Anthropology-Psychology- Egyptology Department: International and Joint Cooperation on Cultural Property Protection in times of Conflict, 2009. 

-  Lecture NATO School Oberammergau Germany: Environmental aspects of CPP following STANAG 7141 EP doctrine 2009.   

- Presentation and paper Conference World Association for the protection of cultural heritage in times of conflict WATCH, Rome 2009. 

  - Organizer and keynote speaker for the Dutch Ministry of Defense of the Seminar: Cultural Property Protection in times of Conflict, the military context. Held in The Peace palace The Hague 2009.   

 - Keynote speech US DoD Phoenix Arizona Sustainable Military Readiness Conference US. 2009. 

- Presentation & paper  Cultural Property Protection and the Dutch  (military) contribution AIA (American Institute of Archaeology)  conferences in Chicago 2008,  Philadelphia 2009, Anaheim 2010.   

- Lecture Seminar on Preventive Conservation and Monitoring of the Architectural Heritage Sprecomah. Val de Loire France, in cooperation with University of Leuven Belgium 2008. 

- Keynote talk: Protecting Cultural Heritage in times of armed conflict conference Tallinn, Estonia February 2008. 

- Presentation and paper Conference World Association for the Protection of cultural heritage in times of conflict WATCH Baeza, Spain 2007. 

- Presentation University of Chicago at the university's dept. in Paris, seminar Cultural Property Protection 2007.   

- Presentation en publication conference From Peace to Justice:  Culture and International Law 2007 The Hague. Peace palace. Organized by the Hague Coalition.   

- Lecture: Protection of Cultural Property, Netherlands Flemish Institute in Cairo Egypt 2007.  

- Presentation en publication: closed seminar Antiquities under Siege at Pocantico Center New York, organized by the Cultural Policy Center University of Chicago and Rockefeller Brothers Fund. 2007.  

- Papers and lecture : Vienna 2005 NATO/PFP Civil-Military Relations Seminar VII Military Ethics (III) the Protection of Cultural Property and (military) leadership, the Austrian National Defense Academy, Vienna. Ditto in 2006, 2007 and 2008.   

- Keynote speaker “Cultural Heritage Management in Times of Armed Conflicts” Amman Jordan organized by the European Commission Delegation to Jordan and Europe Aid, through the  Regional Management and Support Unit of the Euromed Heritage Program April 2005. Paper: Selection and dispatch of Cultural Heritage experts to areas of conflict. Criteria and practice of cultural heritage management in times of armed conflict. Recommendations of the workgroups Amman 16 April 2005, Euromed Heritage Rome 2005.