Joris Kila at Tahrir Square in Cairo during the emergency cultural assessment mission 12 February 2011 (c) photo Karl von Habsburg

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Affiliations and Awards:

Libya Appolonia Greek pottery hidden for the revolution November 2011 (c) photo Joris Kila

- Recipient of the 2015 Kiley Award for the best feature article in Joint forces Quarterly. Award presened by the National Defense University Press (U.S.). Article: Military Involvement in Cultural Property Protection: an overview. In JFQ 74  by Joris d. Kila and Christopher V. Herndon.

- Recipient of the 2012 ''Blue Shield Preis'' of the Österreichische Nationalkomittee BlueShield (Wien) in Kooperation mit der Association of National Committees of the Blue Shield (Den Haag) Award Ceremony 17 October  2012 in the Museum of Military History Vienna Austria.

-Recipient of ARCA's (Association for Research into Crimes against Art) 2012 Art Protection and Security award jointly with Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen. Award Ceremony in Amelia, Italy June 23-24, 2012.

-Recipient of the Medal of the Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States for services rendered in Operation Iraqi Freedom award ceremony 4 May 2012.

-Member ESF (European Science Foundation) College of Expert Reviewers European Science Foundation Apr 2019 – Present, Strasbourg France.

-Member expert panel (extended expert pool) Research Foundation Flanders - FWO.                 Oct 2019 – Present, Brussells Belgium.

-Chair International Military Cultural Resources Working Group (IMCuRWG).

-International Member& Advisor Combatant Commands Historical Cultural Action Group, US.

-Member Netherlands Research Forum on the Law of Armed Conflict and Peace Operations (LAPCO). Faculty of Law UvA, Amsterdam.

-Member Board of Trustees World Association for the Protection of Cultural Property in times of Conflict WATCH, Rome.

- Senior researcher at the Alois-Musil-Center für Orientalische Archäologie and the   Kompetenzzentrum Kulturelles Erbe und Kulturgüterschutzat at the University of Vienna.

- Editor in Chief : -Series  Heritage and Identity: Issues in Cultural Heritage Protection. Book Series for Brill/Nijhof Publishers 2011.

-Former Community Fellow at the Cultural Policy Center of the University of Chicago.

- Former Senior researcher Institute for Culture and History, University of Amsterdam.